Packing list

*Please pack 5 clean face masks in an event physical distancing is not an option*



  • Sleeping bag or bedding for a twin bed  

  • Pillow  

  • Raincoat/poncho/hat/cap  

  • Undergarments/ socks (bring extra)  

  • Sweatshirt(s)/Long-sleeved shirts/short-sleeved shirts/ t-shirts  


  • Tennis shoes (maybe an extra pair in case)  

  • Pajamas  

  • Swim trunks or one-piece swimsuit (camp rule)  

  • Shower toiletries:  

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, chap-stick, lotion 

  • Shower shoes (crocs or flip flops)  

  • Towels- 1 for shower and 1 for the lake  

  • Bug spray/sunscreen  

  • Flashlight or headlamp with batteries  

  •  Water bottle  

  Optional items: Sunglasses, Camera, journal  

Diabetes Supplies to Bring With You:

one for every day +1 just in case 

  • Insulin- current vial that’s being used- do not need additional vials  

  •  Pump supplies- bring extras (ensure your transmitter expiration date is not during camp) 

  • Sensors, pump sites, skin tac  


Clothes and Other Items Not To Bring: 

 NO thin-strapped tank tops  

 NO two-piece swimsuits that reveal the naval  

 NO short shorts!  

 Knives, archery sets, firearms including pellet or air guns  

   Cigarettes or tobacco products  

 Marijuana of any sort or any other illegal products or substances  





This is a list of the basic essentials for your backpacking trip. However, you may choose to bring more; however, keep  in mind that there shared community gear and space is limited. Also, it is important to note that specific items of clothing are not needed every day. Pack light!!!  


□ Hiking Boots  

□ Other Shoes (for after hiking: tevas or  crocs work great, tennis shoes also work) 

□ Hiking Socks (3 pr. Wool is preferred) 

□ Shorts (for sleeping)  

□ Shorts or Pants(1 for hiking)  

□ Long Pants(wool or fleece)  

□ T-Shirts (1-2)  

□ Long Sleeve Shirt  

□ Underwear (2)  

□ Wool Sweater, Fleece, Flannel  or Vest (1 only)  

□ Hat or Cap  □ Bandana  

□ Gloves or Mittens  

□ Jacket or Windbreaker or Rain Jacket 

□ Small Washcloth/Towel  

Keep in mind that cotton fabrics (such as tshirts and sweatpants) will lose their insulating value once wet.

We  recommend bringing items made of wool, polypropylene, or polypropylene blends as much as possible. 

However, you are not expected to purchase a new wardrobe for the trip.  

Please be prepared to put away cell phones and other electronics while at camp.

If possible, bring a camera  that is not your phone. If you have no other options, discuss it with your youth director.  


 □ Sleeping Bag  

(Mummy-style rated 15-30°F)  (Able to stuff smaller than ≈ 12”x18”)  

□ Sleeping Pad (camp has  some for use)  

□ 2-32oz Water Bottles



□ Bear Spray (2)  

□ Bear Bag & Rope  

□ Tents / Ground Tarps  

Hydration Bladder (one quart  □ Flashlight or Headlamp  □ Toothbrush  

□ Sunglasses  

□ Lip Balm (SPF 15+)  □ Sunscreen²(SPF 15+)  □ Insect Repellent²  

□ Emergency Tarp  

□ First Aid Kit (with medical  release forms)  

□ Permits/Maps/Menu  □ Water Filter(s)  


□ Trekking Poles  

□ Backpack Pillow  

□ Binoculars  



  □ Backpack 

□ Digger & TP  

□ Stove(s)  

□ Fuel Bottle(s)  

□ Food  

□ Cook Gear & Tarp 

□ Utensil Kit & Cups