What to Bring to Camp Montana Youth Diabetes Allicance

Packing list

Just like every other camp there are things you need to pack and things not to pack. With Type 1 Camp there is a little bit more we ask you bring.

Packing list

  •Sleeping bag or bedding for a twin bed  

  • Pillow  

  • Raincoat/poncho/hat/cap  

  • Undergarments/ socks (bring extra)  

  • Sweatshirt(s)/Long-sleeved shirts/short-sleeved shirts/ t-shirts  


  • Tennis shoes (maybe an extra pair in case)  

  • Pajamas  

  • Swim trunks or one-piece swimsuit (camp rule)  

  • Shower toiletries:  

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, chap-stick, lotion 

  • Shower shoes (crocs or flip flops)  

  • Towels- 1 for shower and 1 for the lake  

  • Bug spray/sunscreen  

  • Flashlight or headlamp with batteries  

  •  Water bottle  

  Optional items: Sunglasses, Camera, journal

Diabetes Supplies to bring with you:

  • Insulin- current vial that’s being used- do not need additional vials  

  •  Pump supplies- bring extras (ensure your transmitter expiration date is not during camp) 

  • Sensors, pump sites, skin tac 

  • Any additional daily medication

Clothes and Other Items NOT to Bring

  • NO thin-strapped tank tops  

  • NO two-piece swimsuits that reveal the naval  

  • NO short shorts!  

  • Knives, archery sets, firearms including pellet or air guns  

  • Cigarettes or tobacco products  

  • Marijuana of any sort or any other illegal products or substances  

  • Alcohol

  • Fireworks 


Bus Schedule

Need a ride to Camp?

We can help!

Bus Schedule

We have a bus traveling from Billings to and from camp.
These stops will be in Bozeman, Helena, Missoula.

We will have the schedule for the buses available soon.