"Camp brings you closer to your friends with diabetes who understand what you go through that your home friends can't relate to. I've been to camp for 8 years and cry every time it's time to go home." - Jenna 17

"Camp is a place where I don't feel out of the ordinary and I can just be free." - Silas 17

"most everyone with diabetes has the same struggles you do, it's comforting knowing you are not alone and can share many issues with the friends that deal with the same things having diabetes." - Hunter 17

"Friends from camp make me feel more comfortable with having diabetes and gives me a second family with people that I can relate to." - Annika 16

"Camp has allowed my son to learn how to manage diabetes more effectively, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, he has made lifelong friends and connections having diabetes." - Paula, Mom of T1D

"Diabetes camp is the best thing to happen to me regarding my diabetes and I am eternally grateful for it." - Johnathan 16