Camp MYDA 2022
Volunteer Training
Week 2 of 3

Hello Camp MYDA Volunteers

A few important details before the training.

We have previously sent an email with this information but I just wanted to remind everyone that we are asking all volunteers to arrive at camp on Sunday August 14 between 11am - Noon, snack at 12:15 and ready for set-up and training promptly after.

We will provide meals and lodging the night of the 14th.

We will have a trainer there to help us with the new Camp Views program that a lot of you will be using.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact us by CLICKING HERE

Also, make sure to fill out the acknowledgment form at the bottom.

Once again, we thank you for your service.

Code of Ethics

Section 4 Part 1

Legal Considerations
for Summer Camp

Section 4 Part 3

Reading Material for Section 4 Part 3 & 4

10 Required qualities of summer camp volunteers

Section 4 Part 5

The care and safety of other peoples children

Section 4 Part 6

Section 4
Pages 27-30

Covers many parts.

Volunteer Expectations

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