Camp MYDA 2022
Volunteer Training
Week 3

Hello Camp MYDA Volunteers!
Who is getting pumped for camp!

Today's training is a big one... It has multiple long videos.

2 things...



2) The Official Camp Schedule is at the bottom of this page. Which you can download or view. Please at least review it so you have an idea of what our days are going to look like.

As always, if you have any questions about the training or camp in general please contact us by


As always, thank you for your service.

What is Type 1 Diabetes &
Insulin introduction

Not in handbook

Diabetes Management
and Protocols

Section 5 Part 1

Insulin Pumps

Section 6

Development and Education

Section 7

Medical Volunteer
Job Descriptions

Section 8

For all volunteers


Policies for Camp MYDA

Section 9


This concludes Camp MYDA 2022 Orientation training.


There will be additional training on the 14th when you all arrive, and we will catch anyone up that gets to camp if not arriving on the 14th.

Before you leave please fill out the acknowledgement form.

Click here to see the whole Training Handbook

Want to see what we are doing every day?

Our Theme days this year will be as follows.

Please keep these days in mind when packing.

Monday: Favorite shirt day

Tuesday: Only in Montana

Wednesday: Only on the beach

Thursday: Only on the dance floor

Friday: Day of mindfulness

Just a reminder, if you have any questions about this training or camp itself please reply to this email.

See you all soon, hope your as "pumped" as we are for camp!