MYDA Decal

MYDA Decal


Made with high quality permanent adhesive vinyl, our decals are rated up to 5-6 years of indoor or outdoor use and have a thickness of 3 millimeters. 

Color: Grey & Red
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  • Product Details

    Decal Color: Grey & Red

    Decal Size: 3 inch x 5 inch

    (High Durability) Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Rated Up To 5-6 Years

    Note: Surfaces with textures or coatings may not be designed for adhesive films to adhere or cure properly. Using a firm rubber ball to rub the vinyl onto the surface can often help with applying.


    - Applications: Indoor and outdoor use for decals on solid surfaces.

    - Thickness: 3 mil

    - Durability: 5-6 years

    - Film Type: Calendared

    - Adhesive: Clear acrylic pressure senstive permanent adhesive

    - Shelf Life: 2 years under listed storage conditions.

    - Storage: Ideal storage are 70 degrees/ 50% humidity. Long term storage outside of those conditions may reduce shelf life.