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Montana's ONLY overnight
T1D Camp!

Camp MYDA is a place where there’s nothing unusual about having Type 1 Diabetes. There’s no need to explain blood sugar testing, finger pricks, insulin injections, ketones, “lows,” boluses, or carb counting. Everyone here understands!

We aren’t like a trip to the endo’s office, but we have endocrinologists, physician assistants, and dieticians supporting nursing staff will be there.  We aren’t a classroom of lectures and chalkboard diagrams, but we have education woven into camp with impromptu learnings during activities, meal time, and casual conversations.


We are a community dedicated to the learning and growth of our campers living with Type 1 Diabetes. Campers' encouragement from peers and staff members does more for their independence than formal attempts.

Campers will tell you it's their favorite week of the year.


After a week at summer camp, participants:

  • Can establish positive patterns for living with diabetes

  • Know how to build friendships and a social support network

  • Have conversations or participate in activities with role models living with type 1 diabetes.

  • Learn skills to better self-manage their diabetes

For Campers & Parents

Although the overall experience of Summer Camp is “priceless”  we can thank our generous donors and corporate partners for their collaborative efforts with MYDA.


camp myda




Held at the Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp on flathead lake

550 Lutheran Camp Rd

Flathead MT


Camp MYDA welcomes all T1D campers ages 8-17

Cost of Camp

After reviewing many after-camp surveys and speaking with multiple families, we have chosen to follow the pricing style of 90% of all other T1D camps around the US. 


This year, MYDA is proud to offer a multi-tiered pricing model for camp, which allows you to choose what tier your family can afford.


All tiers result in the same impactful program experience, including a furnished lakefront facility that provides three meals and two snacks a day, several activities, program supplies, a highly skilled medical team, quality background-checked volunteers, most of whom are T1D themselves, and a lifetime of memories.

Camp MYDA 2024 Pricing Tiers

Tier 1 pricing is $1200, representing the true cost to MYDA for each camper to attend summer camp, give or take $100 or so.


Tier 2 is $600; this pricing represents a partially subsidized rate available to all families regardless of income level.


Tier 3 is $250; Tier 3 allows you to pay $250 regardless of income level.


Tier 4 involves a Request for a full campership. See qualifications below.


Program information below.

Campership / financial aid qualifications

Camp MYDA has never turned a child with diabetes away due to their family’s ability to pay. The Campership Policy, described below, explains the qualification process for providing financial assistance, “camperships,” to the families of campers with diabetes.

Description: To qualify for a campership, the camper must have diabetes, live within the State of Montana, and the family should meet one of the following criteria:

Primary Financial Criteria​ (Percent of the Federal Poverty Guideline (FPG)): A family applying for a full or partial campership will be asked to submit proof of income documents (last year’s tax return, W-2s, paystubs, etc.), or other proxy documents, that verify the family is either under the 2 times or 3 times the FPG, as explained below.

To qualify for a full campership, a family’s income for the immediate prior year must be no more than 2 times the FPG of the current year for their family size.


CLICK HERE for the Federal Poverty Guidelines, published by the Department of Health and Human Services. These may change yearly with the government establishing new guidelines.


Secondary Financial Criteria​ (Extenuating Financial Circumstances): If a family does not meet the primary criteria guidelines but has extenuating financial circumstances, they may qualify under the secondary criteria guidelines. Camp MYDA requires any family applying for a campership under the secondary criteria policy to submit proof of any extenuating financial circumstance.

Examples of extenuating circumstances include but are not limited to: A recent reduction in family income due to loss of employment. Multiple children with type 1 diabetes and/or documented high out-of-pocket medical expenses. Recommendations from a physician, social worker, therapist, etc..


If you have any questions, please email Tonya Fuhrmann at or message us.

If you feel you do not meet the above criteria but still need assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

No registration deposit will be required for families requesting a scholarship.

Limited funds are available, and scholarships will continue to be granted until all the funds are exhausted, we encourage you to apply!

New and improved
Send me to camp program

Regardless of which pricing tier you choose, all registered families are encouraged, but not required, to sign up for our Send Me to Camp program to help offset the amount of subsidized funds that MYDA provides.


By participating in this program, you are not only ensuring the future of Camp MYDA and helping other Type 1 families in Montana, but it also opens up more opportunities and activities at camp in future years, like Rope courses, Archery, canoes, and boating.


Each one of these activities costs MYDA an extra $5,000 to $7,500 each activity, each year.

It's as easy as sending donors to a link and ensuring they enter your name on the "Camper you wish to support" box!

Our system will do the rest!



Your camper has the chance to win some amazing prizes!

  • 1st Place - Camper with the most overall raised funds: FULL CAMPERSHIP for camp 2024 (we will refund all paid fees) $1200 Value

  • 2nd Place - Camper with the 2nd most overall raised funds: Up to 5 tickets to our 2025 Family Retreat + Hotel room for your family. $519 Value

  • 3rd Place - Camper with the 3rd most overall raised funds: Up to 5 tickets to our 2025 Family Retreat $375 Value

  • 4th Place - Camper with the 4th most overall raised funds: Diabetes sling bag filled with T1D-related swag. $100 Value

To be 100% clear, this program is to offset the difference that your family pays vs. the actual camp cost.

This program will not lower your tiered pricing cost.

Your family will have the option to sign up for this program during registration.

If you have any questions about the Send Me to camp program, please send us a message.



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  • Make a Payment

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