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Join Montana Youth Diabetes Alliance’s C.G.M. Alliance! This important group of donors commits a monthly recurring gift of $10 or more! This new, focused program of Continuous Giving Members (CGMs) will allow a more significant number of our MYDA community to step up and make an essential monthly pledge. These pledges will ensure MYDA’s resilience and longevity as we navigate these uncertain times.

Support from our C.G.M. Alliance members empowers Montana Youth Diabetes Alliance to forward our mission of educating, inspiring, and empowering children and teens with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Funding supports not only our campers but also their families and people closest to them with assistance in reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses related to Type 1 Diabetes. We have learned through experience that Camp MYDA and our programs provide meaningful learning opportunities and a strong community for children and teens with T1D.

Membership Levels

  • Blue Trail – $10/month 

Making a pledge of $10/month, you will help support a camper attending Camp MYDA! 


  • Purple Trail -$25/month

Making a pledge of $25/month covers the cost of a camper for attendance at Camp MYDA! 


  • Orange Trail -$50/month

Making a pledge of $50/month, you will help cover the cost for 2 campers attending Camp MYDA!


  • Green Trail -$75/month

Making a pledge of $75/month, you will help build a supportive community for campers and provide camp with glucose management supplies. 


  • Yellow Trail-$100/month

Making a pledge of $100/month supports a camper and their medical care for an entire week of overnight camp as well as our year-round programming! 

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