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Send me to camp activation instructions

If you have signed up for the send me to camp program, an invite email should have been sent to the email you entered in registration. Once you have that email follow these instructions to activate your send me to camp campaign.

If you need your email resent, or need additional help please CONTACT US.

The following steps will walk you through how to activate your send me to camp campaign, and some ideas on how to use your campaigns to get the best results.


1) An indentation email from will be sent to your email.


The subject line should be "Montana Youth Diabetes Alliance Invites You to Fundraise for their Campaign".


2) When you open the email click on the "Create Your Account and Get Started!" Button. 

3) On the following page, please leave your child's name in the name field, create a password, and click the "Sign Up" Button.

4) On the following page, click the "Accept Invitation" Button.

5) On the Fundraising Page, Please leave the "Background Image" alone. You may edit "Your Photo," and you may add a personal story ABOVE the included text in the "Share your story".


I will edit the "Share your Story" section to be more personable to your child and add the picture, if you provided one, once you complete all the steps and create your campaign.

Please allow 1-5 days


The existing wording in the "Share your Story" needs to stay as-is.

It has been looked over by our lawyer to make sure that it qualifies as a tax-deductible donation.

6) Scroll down to the Campaign Goal.


We suggest putting $2000 in this box.

This amount is to drive people to donate,


It's just a visual for people. To try and persuade them to donate.


You want the amount to be realistic but large enough to seem like you need help reaching the goal.

7) Click on the "Create Campaign" Button.

8) Click on the "Preview Crowd Funding Page" Button.

9) This page is your Online campaign, the URL (website address) is your PERSONAL campaign linked to your child.


The link will look something like this... name-last name

(this is just an example DO NOT USE)


Once you make it this far, I will email you...

Your personal campaign link

Your personal QR code

Your personal Flyer, both full-page and 4-up

Please allow 1-5 days



Just copy the link in your browser and send away..


You will not need your donorbox account again after you activate your campaign.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use your Send me to Camp campaign.


1) You can share the link on social media. We suggest sharing it once a week-ish.


2) You can text the link to your family and friends.


3) You can email people and place the link in the email.


4) You can hand out your flyers at church, at work to your co-workers, or at other social events.


5) If your T1D is bold enough, go into local businesses, and have them ask the business to sponsor them to go to camp MYDA.


This works better than you think... There are some that are just looking for tax-deductible donations to claim at the end of the year.


If anyone asks, yes, this is tax deductible.

Our Tax ID is at the bottom of every campaign, and they will receive a receipt in their email.

If you need any help, or this doesn't work please CONTACT US

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