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Diabetes Advocacy in Montana

As we all know the overwhelming cost of Type One Diabetes is outrageously high. For many T1D's this leaves them struggling to afford insulin or other supplies or even rationing insulin. 75 or so Type 1's die every year across the United States due to rationing insulin. But there is something we all can do.

The past couple of times that insulin cap bills have been brought forward to the Montana legislature, they have failed horribly along party lines. I believe that this subject is not a partisan issue.

  • The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition held a Virtual Forum (much like a large zoom call) for Montana Diabetes Advocacy and was only available to those living in Montana. They discussed:

  • State political dynamics

  • Skills for effective advocacy

  • Hot topics in diabetes policy

  • They introduced what it means to be an advocate

  • How we as T1D families can help fight for an out-of-pocket monthly insulin cap for all Montanans and help guide us to fight for all T1D families.

The MT Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES) has taken lead on this project and secured some support. But more help is needed.

I know that one of the biggest fears I have as a father of a T1D is how he is going to afford insulin when he grows up, it weighs heavy on my mind. I would like to not have to worry about that.

Insulin is a right for all. Dr. Banting wouldn't have sold the trademark for a Dollar otherwise.

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